Journey with me.

Is this you?

You're unfulfilled. 

You lie awake at night and wonder, “am I living the life I was meant to live?”


You are not meant for a conventional life. In fact, it feels like a weight on your chest.


The idea of creating a life of liberation lights you up, but you are stuck in the HOW. 

You often question whether your desires are possible, and carry a deep fear that you’ll settle for a life that doesn't feel like your own.

You’ve been seduced into believing that you can’t have it all. But deep down, something inside you objects. 

Finally, you've come to a point in your life where you are tired of wearing rose-colored glasses. 

You're ready to step into the driver's seat of your life & claim a life of freedom & purpose beyond your wildest dreams.


Sound familiar? 
If so, I got you.


her rebirth was stunning,

she lifted herself up

from the depths of despair,

grasped her dreams,

embedded them into her heart,

and walked forward into

a future that only her will

and vision could control

Young Pueblo | Revival

If you're anything like me, you know you deserve more. 

I'm here to show you that a life of total freedom is your birthright.


Actually, it's your Dharma...

So what is Dharma anyway?

It's often misconceived as life purpose, but it is so much deeper than that.

Dharma is the way of nature, cosmic law, or the natural order of the universe.

Dharma is realized in a human being when everything that is not in true alignment on a soul level is voluntarily released.

Once the individual is able to shed this attachment to what he or she must do & get in life, spontaneous and absolute surrender is experienced.

& through the return to one's true nature, the individual BECOMES dharma.

He or she learns how to be, and this is the real quality of life.

From this powerful place of neutrality, flexibility & surrender, one becomes very attractive.

Everything that is meant for this person will naturally & easily come to them.


They will be in this world but not of it, because they have mastered internal freedom. 

This is how life becomes a beautiful dance of freedom & purpose.

And it's available for you, too. Actually, it's the most effortless, simple, and natural reality for you to choose. 

The problem is that, in this society, you likely haven't been taught this. But all that can begin to change right now, if you have a sincere and genuine desire to know and free yourself.

If this is you, I'm here for you...

I'm Anna


I’m Anna Dale. I'm a digital nomad, yoga teacher, retreat host, sound healer, and dharma coach. I support women to re-design their lives from the inside out.

My journey from "conventional life" to this side of reality was deeply confronting, challenging, mysterious, and beyond beautiful. Answering the call of my soul has been the best decision I have ever made, and it is my deep passion and pleasure to hold space for others to do the same. 

Here's how I did it...

I remember crying on my closet floor as I faced the sobering realization of  what I had to do. 


I was being called from deep inside myself to forget everything I thought I knew.


There was a life being born inside me that was truer than the one I was living. But in order to have it, I would have to create on the outside what I was imagining on the inside. And it would cost me everything. 


My heart shattered. I lay on the floor repeating, “no, no, no, no…” as the sun sank over the pines.


I had been living the “conventional life”.  Seven years I spent building a community here - a loving partnership, an engineering career, a beautiful home. But it had all simultaneously expired, and I was the only one who knew. 


This was my call to leave it all behind and trust fall into the arms of the universe. I remember wishing that I could un-know what I knew. But that was impossible. What happened last week would change me forever.


It all started with a Kundalini Awakening.


This was my third journey with indigenous plant medicine. These journeys have invariably marked the spiritual transitions in my life, and this time was no different. 


I had the great privilege of experiencing enlightenment, by all means an ineffable and utterly unlanguageable occurrence. 


For the sake of this story, I will tell you this: I woke up from the dream of reality and, for the first time in my life, I opened my eyes. 


I met the God in me, and within all living beings. 


I met my own power, far greater than anything I’d seen in the movies.


I remembered my freedom - innate, ancestral, and available.


I experienced true & wild unconditional love, and recognized it as the fabric and structure of our universe.


I understood the great cosmic joke - that everything we spend a lifetime seeking is hidden in plain sight, in this moment, inside of us. 


And I received step by step instructions for how to create Heaven on Earth. 


The result of this experience was the birth of a profound reverence for Life. It irrevocably changed me, causing me to remember my soul mission - that I am here to help raise the collective vibration of the planet and anchor in the new Earth. 


Beautiful, right? But also, devastating. 


Fast forward one week and I’m on the floor of my closet - wedged between cable knit sweaters and dumbbells I never use. 


I knew what I had to do, and by some miracle and mentorship, I gathered the courage to do it.


Within a couple months, I had quit my job, ended my relationship, moved out of my house, sold my belongings, and bought a one way ticket to Costa Rica.


I had stepped off the bleachers and into the arena of life...


And what a feeling that was! For the first few months, I was flying. I started hosting yoga retreats and medicine ceremonies, learning sound and energy healing, and collaborating with other spiritual entrepreneurs. It was truly magical.


Then the real initiation began. The following year was fraught with obstacles, tests, fears, doubts, and so much confusion. I hit some of the lowest points of my life - including navigating crippling anxiety and depression, illness, and losing all my money abroad. I was bouncing between countries with no clue as to what I was doing or who I was becoming.


But it was also unfathomably beautiful. I was blessed with many allies and mentors along the way, I received deep healing as a result of living in the jungle, and I had many mystical experiences pointing me towards my north star. 


Every now and then, I was gifted with lucidity - a remembrance for where we are going. It was those glimmering moments of truth and beauty that kept me sane. I knew that I was being prepared to embody a much higher frequency and lead others towards their truth as well. 


The veil finally started to lift while I was living on an island in Thailand.


What revealed itself was magnificent - the manifestation of my soul mission. 


It came in the form of a course. I had been building it for months, but I was far too confused and to understand how to deliver it well. 


The primary question that rocked my entire business was this: 

How do I artfully guide others home to themselves in a way that is in alignment with my mission, highly effective, and in the highest service of all beings?


I refined and refined until my creation shone like a diamond in my heart. After months of tears and fears and doubts and endless re-design, I just knew. I was finally able to claim my power and own my mission. 


And THIS is what I am so honored to share with you now…

Private + Personalized


This is a sacred container where we walk together hand in hand towards your full power and alignment. 


In this container you’ll..


  • Shed layers of societal conditioning that keep you small so you can step into your authentic lifestyle

  • Shine light on your purpose to help you share your unique gifts with others

  • Expand your ability to dream bigger & design a plan for your future so you can rely on a tangible process for embodying your true self

  • Develop intimacy with your intuition & craft a self love practice so you enjoy lasting satisfaction and deep peace on a daily basis

  • Deconstruct negative self talk and learn how to incorporate your shadow to experience a deeper, more meaningful relationship to yourself and others.

  • Discover your superpowers and nurture them in a personal and business context so you can unlock your flow state

What’s Included...


  • A 24 week intensive program

  • Bi -weekly 1:1 activation calls (90 min)

  • Bi-weekly 1:1 connection calls (45 min)

  • Access to 3 proprietary workbooks for healing & ascension

    • Month 1: Finding Your North Star

    • Month 2: Deep Healing & Alchemy

    • Month 3: Embodied Wisdom & Manifestation

  • Daily accountability access via Whatsapp

  • Weekly action items catered to your immediate needs

Private + Personalized


Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 1.10.47 PM.png



"Sounds like an exaggeration but it’s not. I promise.


She is quite the inspiring human and has allowed me to reimagine how I spend every day, every moment. How I treat myself. How I see the world. How I decide what is and is not important. How I lean into my instincts. And the list goes on.”

Sydney Clemmann

What we'll do together...

To help you revolutionize your inner game I/we will…

  • Guide you home to yourself so you can recognize your true desires

  • Lead you through a holistic life review and revamp

  • Heal core wounds that are subconsciously blocking you from your desires

  • Equip you with powerful healing practices for reflection and ascension

  • Create daily routines based on your values and priorities

  • Shift your frequency to become a vibrational match for your dreams


Screen Shot 2022-01-30 at 2.48.07 PM.png

Anna exudes authenticity, is able to connect to each and everyone with ease, and guides with a sense of calm, wisdom and playfulness...Any chance to connect with her is not to be missed!"

Elly Hassay

Elly Hasay

Screen Shot 2022-01-30 at

Anna is a natural-born teacher and healer. She exudes a thirst for life that is contagious, and she is constantly striving to extract all the wonder from this universe. A wise and graceful soul, Anna is an amazing spirit and highest of vibrations!

Ben Needham

Screen Shot 2022-01-30 at 2.51.12 PM.png

I had an incredible experience! I can’t recommend it enough - I know everyone would benefit from one of Anna’s offerings!

Hadley Habeck

Who is this for?

  • You’re done playing small and want to revolutionize your life.

  • You want to align with your soul's highest path as a leader

  • You’re ready to play and take action as the co-creator of your reality.

  • You long to embody true self-love and come home to yourself.

Who is this NOT for?

  • You are committed to fear-based decision making.

  • You are happy with the status quo just as it is

  • You are unwilling to learn and grow at rapid pace

  • You aren’t ready to change your life


Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at

I am blessed and so happy that I was able to connect with my higher self/body and truly heal. Thank you for holding such a safe space that I could be vulnerable in and for giving off the most loving energy.


Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 1.18_edited.jpg

I’ve never met anyone who so expertly and gently inspired me to actualize my passion, creativity and supported me in shedding patterns that were holding me back.

Austin Felton


Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 1.19_edited.jpg

This was one of the most profound experiences I’ve had. It has caused me to pay way closer attention to the walls I’ve put up emotionally. You are an incredibly special person that gets to share your gift with people. There aren’t many things that are as rewarding in life. Thanks so much.

Darren Meyers


A Closer Look...

I have hand-written, designed, and produced three proprietary workbooks for your healing and ascension.

Each week includes “food for thought” related to spiritual development, journal prompts, exercises, tools for success, and nuggets of inspiration.

The flow and structure of the workbooks is intentionally crafted to guide you through a coherent and comprehensive journey into the life you were born to live.


Finding Your North Star

Here, we cover the foundations of who you think you are, what your life looks like, how and why you arrived at this place, and what you dream of creating for your life.


Inner Mission

Your Sacred Self

Root to Rise

4  Your Soul Mission

 Deep Healing & Alchemy

Once we've built a foundation, we'll identify and heal core wounds. We bring parts of the shadow self into the light, perform surgery on our memories, and illuminate and heal powerful limitations in communication and core relationships.


Wild, Wild Worth

Re-coding Reality

7  Free your Voice

8  Liberated Love

Embodied Wisdom & Manifestation

Lastly,  you’ll integrate and embody what you’ve been processing. This equips you to become autonomous and comfortable in your self-healing practice. We get to awaken our intuition through understanding gender polarity, healing money beliefs, learning how to consciously manifest, and embodying life in a flow state.


Embodied Polarity

10  Quantum Creatress

11  Magnetic Abundance

12  Freedom Keys

I'll see you in your dream life.