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Discover your dharma. 
Live your truth.

Hello Gorgeous!



My mission is to help you build a bridge between what you love and how you live. That is, to discovery and embrace your dharma.

Everything I offer has been built from my own intimate and messy process of creating a life (and career) that feels true to me - a  lifelong process that I learn about every single day. 

It is my great passion and pleasure to support you in taking the bold leap towards your truest and most beautiful desires, if that's what you choose. 

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What is dharma?


Uniting both Vedic and Buddhist philosophies, dharma means that the reason we exist is to express our true nature. 

Everything in nature exists to serve a purpose, and this includes you, too.

Dharma is more about remembering that anything else, but most of us need to navigate through a diverse spectrum of human experiences in order to find something that make us say...oh yes THIS RIGHT HERE, THIS feel true to me. This is what I want to create more of.

Dharma discovery is based in following the clues of your emotional guidance system so that you can discover and create a life that genuinely lights you up and nourishes the world.

After all, it's in your nature to do so. 

Are you ready to choose yourself & commit to a path of joy & purpose? Dharma Discovery is a 12 week program that leads you through a process of discovery your true nature.

Ready to turn your passion into a paycheck? Dharmic Business Creation Course is a hands-on process for identifying your sacred offering to the world. Get ready for some massive transformation!

Sincere, soulful, + radical (to the root) brand creation. We're your creative partner for branding + website design that reflects your true nature. For conscious, high-impact, creative entrepreneurs. 

& Create a Life by Design

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Ready to find yourself?

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"Anna is an incredibly

gifted teacher."

"You can feel her beautiful soul through everything she does!! Spend as much time as possible with this fantastic being—your heart will be full."

Heather McCleester

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