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My name is Anna, and I am so glad we’ve found each other.


I come from a background of playing the ‘game’, like many of us do. I had a comfy gig as an engineer, a pretty house, and a cozy community of loved ones. But as I underwent an intense soul initiation following a plant medicine journey, I decided, or maybe life decided for me, to sell my belongings, end my relationship, quit my job, and walk away. Or maybe I ran. But the important thing is that I was running towards something. Towards the healing and the growth and the path my higher self paved for me.


Shortly after, I began to receive activation after activation in the forms of Kundalini awakenings, psychic downloads, energy healing activations, and more. People began to tell me with increasing frequency that I am a powerful light worker, an intuitive, and a born healer. This triggered the gifts I was born with to wake up, and prompted me to develop stronger skills.


These abilities are my service to those who are attracted to my medicine. Most people walk around in life without a clue to the gold mine inside of them, patiently waiting to be discovered. But I can see them sparkle. I have a specialized ability to clearly tap into a client’s higher self, and guide them through the process of up-leveling to become more radiant, more centered, more liberated. It’s what truly lights me up.


I’ve made it my mission to create ceremony, to hold sacred space for healing. I utilize many modalities to assist in shifting from a fear-based vibration to the frequency of love, joy, abundance, and gratitude. These modalities include yoga, ecstatic dance, guided meditation, aromatherapy, sound healing, cacao ceremony, Ayurvedic medicine, intuitive guidance and so much love. It would be my honor to share a healing space with you.


All my love,



Holographic Sound Healing Certified
         Authored by Dr. Paul Hubbart, Ph.D.
         Given by Tressa Vasquez & Jess Poitra
         Portland, OR

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) & Yoga Alliance Certified

        Anahata Conscious Living Institute 
       Bali, Indonesia

Essential Oil Specialist & Wellness Advocate
       DoTerra International
       Online Training

Reiki Usui Certified Levels 1 & 2
       Training with Gabriela Barrios
       Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

BS, Environmental Engineering & BA, Spanish
       Northern Arizona University
       Flagstaff, AZ


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