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return to your true nature


Does this ring true?

You feel stagnant, like the life you’re living is not what you desire. You are not meant for a 9-5. In fact, it feels like a weight on your chest.


At times you feel wildly alive and connected, but it’s inconsistent.

You know you are here to live an extraordinary life, to forge your own way, but self-doubt keeps you small.


You lie awake at night and wonder about your purpose. “Am I living the life I was meant to live?” you ask yourself.


You’re tired of the anxiety, of feeling like something is wrong.


Your negative self-talk is persistent. You don’t feel fully comfortable in your skin. No matter what you do, you struggle to convince yourself that you’re enough, that you are worthy of your dreams.


You’re killing yourself doing your best to attend to every area of your life.


You’re chasing and chasing, but rarely ever finding LASTING SATISFACTION. 

And you've finally come to a point in your life where you are tired of creating suffering for yourself.


Sound familiar? 
If so, this is for you.



her rebirth was stunning,

she lifted herself up

from the depths of despair,

grasped her dreams,

embedded them into her heart,

and walked forward into

a future that only her will

and vision could control


Young Pueblo | Revival

If you're anything like me, your intuition knows you deserve more. 

I'm here to show you that a life of total freedom is your birthright.


What if your life looked like this...        

You wake up each day,

enthusiastic, clear, and grateful

You dedicate each morning to 

nourishing, self love practices

You move your body

You connect with nature

You identify your priorities

then you go to PLAY, rather than to work.

You spend the day in a blissful, creative flow

You take a break to scope out 

your next adventure. Mexico? Bali? 

Then you vibe out in the evening

Making dinner with friends

Laughing, dancing

Listening to music

Connecting on a soul level


At the end of the day you are left with a sense 

that everything you did today was meaningful, 

has a purpose and a tangible impact you can feel.

And when you go to bed, 

your heart is overflowing

As you think to yourself,

“Is this really my life?”

What if you were only three months away from this being your average day?

I'm here to show you how...

I'm Anna


I’m Anna Gorman, founder of Alaya Soul. I'm a digital nomad, yoga teacher, retreat host, and soul alignment coach. I help soulful rebels build their dream lives from the inside out, while traveling the world.

But here's the thing: there's nothing special about me. Creating the life of my dreams has been about choosing freedom over limitation every. single. day. It's a choice anyone can make.

But my life hasn't always felt this free...

In fact, my first spiritual awakening was born from a dark place in my adolescent years…


After spending a year in Italy studying art, I returned home to discover my first big heart break & betrayal. As I was navigating reverse culture shock and feeling incredibly isolated, I lacked the maturity and wisdom to deal with the experience. Instead, I suppressed my pain and quickly found myself in a perfect storm of depression, drugs, and lies. After I hit my own flavor of rock bottom, I was forced to deal with my mess. By the grace of God, I found myself on a yoga mat. 


In college, I developed a strong spiritual practice and started learning how to be a yogi. Over the years, I began to understand what self-love meant.

In college, I wanted to impact the world in a positive way, but I didn’t know what my purpose was, so I did what society told me was valuable.


I pursued a career as an engineer - environmental, then later, biomedical. I committed seven years to learning complex problem solving techniques for the global environmental and health crisis.


It wasn’t until I was behind a desk every day from 9 to 5 that I realized I was pursuing someone else’s dream.


This led to my second breakdown, or rather, breakthrough.


It was in a plant medicine ceremony that I woke up to my potential, my power, and my purpose. I learned that when I use my intention to serve, my inherent healing abilities, and my technical skills in unison, I can create heaven on earth for myself and others. 


When I returned home, it became crystal clear to me that I had to deconstruct and reassemble every part of my life. 


I was so scared, but I felt a mysterious and loving support guiding me all the way.

I knew it was my purpose to guide people into liberation, so I first had to forge the way for myself. 


So I quit my job, ended my relationship, moved out of my house, sold my belongings, and bought a one way ticket to Costa Rica…

and the universe conspired in my favor...


Synchronicity after synchronicity...Experiences I'd dreamed of for years became available to me, because I had made space for them. Suddenly, things made sense, I started to understand how the universe worked & needed to share it with others...


I began combining my skills from engineering, traveling the world, plant medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, yoga, reiki, & sound healing to create transformational retreats to support others in making the same leap that I did.


From there, I blended all of that knowledge into a 3 month, one on one intensive coaching program designed to help you create a life of freedom.

I'm so excited to finally share that with you now...

Private + Personalized

Soul Alignment Coaching Program

I designed this private & personalized coaching program from the ashes of my own mistakes.


I made this so you can compress time and avoid years of struggle and suffering like I went through. 


This is a sacred container where we walk together hand in hand towards your full power and alignment. 


In this container you’ll..


  • Shed layers of societal conditioning that keep you small so you can step into your authentic lifestyle

  • Shine light on your purpose to help you share your unique gifts with others

  • Expand your ability to dream bigger & design a plan for your future so you can rely on a tangible process for embodying your true self

  • Develop intimacy with your intuition & craft a self love practice so you enjoy lasting satisfaction and deep peace on a daily basis

  • Deconstruct negative self talk and learn how to incorporate your shadow to experience a deeper, more meaningful relationship to yourself and others.

  • Discover your superpowers and nurture them in a personal and business context so you can unlock your flow state

What’s Included...


  • A 12 week intensive program

  • Weekly 1:1 activation calls (60-90 minutes)

  • Access to 3 proprietary workbooks for healing & ascension

    • Month 1: Finding Your North Star

    • Month 2: Deep Healing & Alchemy

    • Month 3: Embodied Wisdom & Manifestation

  • Daily accountability access

  • Weekly action items catered to your immediate needs

Important Notes...

  • This is a private, one on one coaching program.

  • I only accept a maximum of six clients at a time.

  • I require that we have a conversation before you enroll. It has to be a great fit for both of us!

The Investment...

$1997 or three monthly payments of $797


This program works. I know you’re going to experience real, tangible shifts in your life as a result of what you’re learning and practicing. But if you show up, put what I’m teaching into practice, and you’re still not seeing positive shifts in your life, I’ll give you your money back within the first two weeks of the program. All I ask is that you get on a call with me to let me know what is not working for you and why, and if I can’t help you break through the blocks you’re experiencing personally, I’ll give you a refund.

Private + Personalized

Soul Alignment Coaching Program


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Anna exudes authenticity, is able to connect to each and everyone with ease, and guides with a sense of calm, wisdom and playfulness...Any chance to connect with her is not to be missed!"

Elly Hasay

Screen Shot 2022-01-30 at

Anna is a natural-born teacher and healer. She exudes a thirst for life that is contagious, and she is constantly striving to extract all the wonder from this universe. A wise and graceful soul, Anna is an amazing spirit and highest of vibrations!

Ben Needham

Screen Shot 2022-01-30 at 2.51.12 PM.png

I had an incredible experience! I can’t recommend it enough - I know everyone would benefit from one of Anna’s offerings!

Hadley Habeck






What we'll do together...

To help you revolutionize your inner game I/we will…

  • Guide you home to yourself so you can recognize your true desires

  • Lead you through a holistic life review and revamp

  • Heal core wounds that are subconsciously blocking you from your desires

  • Equip you with powerful healing practices for reflection and ascension

  • Create daily routines based on your values and priorities

  • Shift your frequency to become a vibrational match for your dreams

If you decide you want to change careers or shift into entrepreneurship, we will…

  • Determine the path of least resistance and create a game plan

  • Curate networking opportunities and to inform you on your field of interest

  • Build relationships with experts in your field of interest

  • Alchemize limiting beliefs blocking you from already having made the shift 

  • Alchemize money limitations 

  • Set you up for success with tools for staying in FLOW while you create the life of your dreams

In summary…

Regardless of what you decide is next for you, you’ll have the support, both in your inner and outer worlds, to create the ultimate life you desire. 


What I don't do...

I don’t do the work for you. You have to dig deep into the soils of your soul and explore what you find. You've got to show up for your spiritual practices. You have to do the “boots on the ground” work of building your network. You have to take that bold leap into the life of your dreams. 


I don't teach you wisdom. In fact, I can't. Wisdom is only incorporated through experience. Here's the thing - you already know everything you need to know. It's inside you. My role is to  guide you through practices that peel back the layers of the mind, illuminate and question false programming, and reflect your truth back to you. This process inevitably exposes your true nature, which is infinite abundance and love, and allows you to experience the wisdom of your soul.  From that place, your connection to your intuition , your power, and your knowing will strengthen. And you'll know what to do.

My job is very simple...

It’s to show you that transforming your life is possible

And then equip you with the tools, perspectives and models to support you…


To come home to yourself

To give yourself permission to have it all


If you are ready to commit to yourself, proclaim that you are done struggling, and break free from the claustrophobia of limitation, then I am here for you.

This is real life babe, not a preview.

Big Wild


Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at

I am blessed and so happy that I was able to connect with my higher self/body and truly heal some things I’ve been dealing with. Thank you for holding such a safe space that I could be vulnerable in and for giving off the most loving energy.


Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 1.18_edited.jpg

I’ve never met anyone who so expertly and gently inspired me to actualize my passion, creativity and supported me in shedding patterns that were holding me back.

Austin Felton


Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 1.19_edited.jpg

This was one of the most profound experiences I’ve had. It has caused me to pay way closer attention to the walls I’ve put up emotionally. You are an incredibly special person that gets to share your gift with people. There aren’t many things that are as rewarding in life. Thanks so much.



Who is this for?

  • You’re done playing small and want to revolutionize your life.

  • You want to align with your soul's highest path as a leader

  • You’re ready to play and take action as the co-creator of your reality.

  • You long to embody true self-love and come home to yourself.

Who is this NOT for?

  • You are committed to fear-based decision making.

  • You are happy with the status quo just as it is

  • You are unwilling to learn and grow at rapid pace

  • You aren’t ready to change your life



A Closer Look...

I have hand-written, designed, and produced three proprietary workbooks for your healing and ascension.

Each week includes “food for thought” related to spiritual development, journal prompts, exercises, tools for success, and nuggets of inspiration.

The flow and structure of the workbooks is intentionally crafted to guide you through a coherent and comprehensive journey into the life you were born to live.



Finding Your North Star

Here, we cover the foundations of who you think you are, what your life looks like, how and why you arrived at this place, and what you dream of creating for your life.


Who am I?

Where am I?

How did I get here?

4  Where am I going?

 Deep Healing & Alchemy

Once we've built a foundation, we'll identify and heal core wounds. We bring parts of the shadow self into the light, perform surgery on our memories, and illuminate and heal powerful limitations in communication and core relationships.


Meet your shadow

Quantum healing

7  Heal your voice

8  Heal your relationships

Embodied Wisdom & Manifestation

Lastly,  you’ll integrate and embody what you’ve been processing. This equips you to become autonomous and comfortable in your self-healing practice. We get to awaken our intuition through understanding gender polarity, healing money beliefs, learning how to consciously manifest, and embodying life in a flow state.


Masculine & feminine energetics

10  Conscious manifestation

11  Money as an ascended master

12  Sustaining flow state

I'll see you in your dream life.