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What are we talking about?

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What is dharma?


Uniting both vedic and buddhist philosophies, dharma means that the purpose we exist is to live out our true nature. 

Since everything in nature exists to serve a purpose, you do too.

Following the clues of your joy, enthusiasm, and desire, you can discover and create a life that genuinely lights you up, because it's in your nature to do so. 


What is dharma coaching?

The work that we do is focused on subtraction.

We illuminate and eliminate what is too heavy or not ours to carry, gently dusting away illusions and distortions of who we think we are.

And piece by piece we peel back the layers of self to return to a remembrance that goes like this:

There’s nowhere to get to.
There’s nothing to get.
You’re already there.

Once we recognize that our wealth comes from within, we are free to take deliberate, loving steps towards our dreams without attachment to them.

This is where liberation and playfulness and art is born.

This is where we step into conscious creatorship.

And it's available to you, too.

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What is dharmic business?


Dharmic business is the flowering of dharma into your vocation or career.

Dharmic business is rooted in philanthropy - a genuine love of humanity. 

It arises from abundance, understanding that our uniqueness is our strength, and that where there is authenticity, there is no competition. 

To step into your dharmic business is an act of devotion on your spiritual path. 

Most importantly, your dharmic business allows you to do life your way - whether you're a digital nomad, living in your favorite city, or cruising on a sail boat. This is about owning and celebrating your uniqueness.

Support in this endeavor will provide comprehensive structure and strategy so that you can share your sacred gifts in the most sincere and natural way.

The outcome of this experience is a new offering for your business that you will actually carry out with your new clients in a learn-by-doing style. You'll walk away with confidence in yourself, your unique style of marketing, and an arsenal of tools for creating future offers.

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What is dharmic branding?

Dharmic branding refers to the creation of your unique brand as a spiritual entrepreneur.

This may include your brand platform (foundational reason for existing), visual identity (appearance), custom website, and brand applications (touchpoints for your client).

The goal of dharmic branding is to communicate your unique essence, purpose, and intention through the brand so that your business can attract the right clients and thrive, all while maintaining integrity and authenticity. 








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