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An Empowerment Yoga Retreat

"The retreat made me feel alive and whole. It made me feel so accepted and seen. It made me feel SO present and connected, I felt more connected to myself and the universe than I have in a while.


~ Anonymous


An Evening Rooftop Retreat

"I feel so loved and inspired by you and every single person I met last night. I am blessed and so happy that I was able to connect with my higher self/body and truly heal some things I’ve been dealing with. Thank you for holding such a safe space that I could be vulnerable in and for giving off the most loving energy.”


~ Gretchen

Respite in the Pines

Women's Retreat

"This retreat was a powerful and magical experience. Jamie and Anna created energy of openness, fun, compassion, generosity, and more. I felt so much support and love and like I had gained some new sisters in my life. We got to spend time in nature, spend time journaling and processing, spend time being present with each other and ourselves, spend time laughing, crying, cooking, walking, resting.  Anna led literally, the most amazing practice I have ever done each morning with yoga and meditation, I felt so at ease going into the rest of the day, Jamie opened up her beautiful home and made it feel like it was our home and made the space feel safe so we could open up. Thank you ladies for what you did for me and the other women, it is so needed and I cant wait to see you all do more!"


~ Natalie O.

Refine Flow

Hot Yoga Class

"Anna is a wonderful yoga instructor! She exudes authenticity, is able to connect to each and every student with ease, and guides her classes with a sense of calm, wisdom and playfulness, all while cueing clear and engaging flows. She often integrates other modalities such as singing bowls into her classes, making for a multisensory experience that leaves you feeling grounded and at peace. Her essential oil blends are also not to be missed, all of them smell divine and in my opinion are the most delicious blends I've ever tried. Anna is a beautiful human, and any chance to take her class or connect with her about her other offerings is one not to be missed!"


~ Elly H.


Sunset Beach Yoga

Yoga Class

"Anna’s yoga classes are a blessing to the community. She lives and breathes all aspects of “yoga.” The flows are unique and interesting. Challenging yet accessible to all levels and energies. She is a powerful force and the students and yogis who attend are also so kind and amazing!"


~ Ana C.

The Current of Manifestation


"I attended Anna’s chakra workshop, The Current of Manifestation, and had an incredible experience! The blend of yoga, dance, discussions, and aromatherapy left me feeling mentally rejuvenated and peaceful. I can’t recommend it enough - I know everyone would benefit from one of Anna’s workshops!"


~ Hadley H.


An Evening Rooftop Retreat

"This was one of the most profound experiences I’ve had. It has caused me to pay way closer attention to the walls I’ve put up emotionally and telling myself that it’s perfectly fine to love; whether that’s myself or others, despite the vulnerability that entails. You are an incredibly special person that gets to share your gift with people. There aren’t many things that are as rewarding in life. Thanks so much."

~ Darren M.

Intuitive Vinyasa 

Yoga Class

"Anna is a natural-born teacher and healer. She exudes a thirst for life that is contagious, and she is constantly striving to extract all the wonder from this universe. A wise and graceful soul, Anna is an amazing spirit and highest of vibrations! She's not only a great teacher but I very much look forward to working with her on future yoga and wellness endeavors!"


~ Ben N.

Power Flow

Hot Yoga Class

"Anna has a gift of simultaneously making your yoga practice powerful yet completely bringing you to a peaceful state that feels heavenly. Her kindness and positive energy will bring out your best in every class you take from her. She lights up the room with her beauty and grace." 


~Lisa S.



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