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Healing Through Non-Action

Sometimes life teaches us through gentle nudges, sweetly prompting us to remember our truth. Other times it shoves us, hard. It's all part of the game, creating urgency for us to learn the lessons we asked to learn in this lifetime.

I have been dealing with an illness for several months. I’ve invested thousands of dollars, done all the testing, and worked with four doctors. I have found no medical solutions. They say I’m “a very unusual case”.

This process has been a massive spiritual teacher for me. I’ve cycled through victim/creator consciousness over and over - alternating between “this is happening to me” and “this is happening for me”.

Here is what I've learned and what is helping me heal….

Everything in nature exists for a reason. Literally, every single thing that is a part of creation serves a specific purpose. As soon as any aspect of nature ceases to be useful, it will heal itself and change form. This is because nature is self-healing, and we are a part of that nature.

Our nature is radiant health. Disease only happens when we resist nature. It is a way that our higher self creates drama to get our attention - to give us the opportunity to integrate a lesson.

We don't have to try to heal; healing is not about creating. Rather, it is about yielding to the natural process of nature repairing itself. But this can only be done when we decode the message embedded in the disease. There is a part of the human mind that requires us to become aware of any aspect of ourselves before we can release it. It is through seeing, acknowledging, and loving our shadows that we allow them to transform.

In the early stages of this illness, I was desperate for answers. I sought solutions through all external means - looking to the “professionals” for help, leaning on plant medicines to show me what’s happening, asking my friends. Through all the searching, I was denying that I could heal myself. That is why I put “professionals” in quotes. Doctors can be very useful, but they don’t deserve both our power and theirs. They are beautiful, intelligent tools we can lean on, by no means a replacement for our own inner knowing.

Essentially, what I was doing was standing on a street corner handing out my power and sovereignty.

When I realized this, I replaced “why is this happening to me” with “why did I create this disease?...How is this serving my highest good?...What is my body crying out for?”