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Inspired, not envious.

There are many people in my life that inspire me. They are audaciously living the life that I deeply desire to move towards. When I engage with them, I often find myself at the fulcrum of transformation - inviting me to lean into the uncomfortable, but beautiful things I want to call into my life - more medicine, more ceremony, more healing, more adventure.

And in the same breath, I notice a voice getting louder and louder saying “you’ll never get there”. The voice of not-enough, of jealousy, of victimhood.

So what is the distinction between inspiration and envy?

They are born from the same desire to transform & grow, but they are seeded in two completely different frequencies. Envy says “I want that, too”, but I am not good enough to get it. It’s fear-based, limitation-based, and lack-based.

Inspiration says the same, but it is based in empowerment - in a knowing that I am also divine and my path is unique and sacred.

All paths eventually lead to the mountaintop. To indulge in envy is to disregard my path as sacred. It disses the intelligence of life itself and rejects the perfect teachings which are laid out specifically for me.

Today I find myself on this fulcrum. I’m noticing that I am here and I want to be there. And thankfully, all of my training has gifted me with the ability to choose how I move forward.

Today I choose to honor my journey, to be in ample gratitude for all of the lessons and blessings that belong to me - these perfect gifts from the universe.

I use my desire to change as a compass which clarifies my direction in life, while simultaneously expressing appreciation for this moment. The challenges of today will perfectly prepare me for tomorrow.

This is how I choose empowerment. There are no victims. I am creating my life, and I get to pivot whenever I want.

The key is in the union of the masculine and feminine. The masculine seeks to grow while the feminine knows her unconditional worth. And so, I move forward as a complete and worthy being with a renewed sense of direction, alchemizing the trigger.

There will always be those who are further along than us. Instead of viewing them through the eyes of jealousy, we can use them as inspiration. Thank God we have these role models! It would be much harder to crusade the path that no one else has walked before.

Where can you turn envy into inspiration today?



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