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Surrendered Action: Not a Paradox

Hot tears burned in my eyes as I played back the voice note.

I slid my latte down the bar & brought a hand to my cheek, discreetly burying my face from the early morning coffee crowd.

It was my coach, calling me out. “You’re still creating from lack, Anna. You act like more clients and money will make you complete. Stop trying to control everything.”

Hello, scarcity mindset, my old friend. Why are you so hard to kick?

I decided to put pen to paper and figure it out. I didn’t stop writing for 2 hours.

I watched in amazement as something major unlocked in me.

For months, I have been seeking to retire the rigid, masculine way of working - the “work hard, make it happen” style - in favor of a more trusting, feminine approach.

And for months, I have come head to head with an objection I couldn’t reconcile: If I fully surrender to the process, how will I know that everything will get done?

I found my answer…I am not my work.

My work is something that flows through me, but is not me. It is not my job or my privilege to judge the nature of this art. The best I can do is honor it, nurture it, and yield to it.

What a relief.

This is what surrendered action feels like…freedom, flexibility, flow. It’s a miracle!

The remembrance of wholeness spontaneously shifted me into creating for joy rather than outcome. I remembered that can yield to the creative impulse surging through me with trust that it knows what it’s doing. And I am simply the paintbrush.

I realized that the key to surrendered action is knowing that control is a futile illusion. There is another way, and that way is to flow WITH the powerful current of life and letting it take me where it wants.

I began creating from renewed faith, and let me tell you: night and day. This is how I choose to build my business and my life.

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