Are you ready to take responsibility for your life and choose the path of love? Are you waking up inside the dream and desiring something more than what you chose for yourself on autopilot? In this 12 week private immersion, we will define your north star, practice deep quantum healing and re-patterning, and learn how to consciously manifest a life that feels true, fulfilling, and alive for you. 

Are you suffering right now? Do you feel far away from yourself? This session is designed to give you space to be fully human, raw, and vulnerable. There are no expectations of you, this is simply a space to be honest in your life. We'll fill the space with tarot, guided meditation, and some real conversation about what is on your heart today.

Are you looking to deepen your yoga practice? Do you desire personalized support? This 12 week container is for those who are committed to choosing their wellbeing as a top priority. Anna has ten years of yoga expertise to guide you in creating a daily touchstone of peace within yourself and to come home to the sanctuary of your soul.

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